Crab Topics

As conchologists, we are not very acquainted with the existing literature. We noticed that few specialised "books" exist. But a huge quantity of thousands of dispersed articles exist.

In books, we make a happy use of the :

1982 Masatsune TAKEDA

Keys to the Japanese and Foreign Crustaceans. Fully illustrated in colors.

1965 Tune SAKAI & All

Biological Laboratory, Imperial Household.

The Crabs of Sagami Bay.

Both these books are focusing on Japanese crabs, of which many are found in the Philippines as well.

European crustaceans are well documented in:

1992 L. Falciai and R. Minervini

Guide des homards, crabes, langoustes, crevettes et autres crustacés décapodes d'Europe.

As in other branches of zoology, name changes are violent in the latest decades, for diverse reasons - molecular research is one of the culprits.

To keep up with the latest nomenclature, we advise the use of an important article by Peter NG, Danièle GUINOT and Peter DAVIE.

They made in 2008 a list of the Brachyuran crabs of the world. We used this list extensively and follow this list on this homepage.