Crab Topics

The crustacean Society
The mission of the Crustacean Society is to advance the study of all aspects of the biology of the Crustacea by promoting the exchange and dissemination of information throughout the world.

An informal international research alliance with a common interest in the exceptionally 3D preserved 'Orsten' fossils from the Cambrian, founded in 2005. Our main issue is to concentrate expertise and interests on 'Orsten' type fossils and lagerstätten and related topics and to disseminate information on the 'Orsten'.

International Association of Astacology
The International Association of Astacology (IAA), founded in Hinterthal, Austria in 1972, is dedicated to the study, conservation, and wise utilization of freshwater crayfish. Any individual or firm interested in furthering the study of astacology is eligible for membership.

World Association of Copepodologists
Welcome to the website of the World Association of Copepodologists !

Sociedada Brasileira De Carcinologia
The Brazilian Society of Carcinology is a nonprofit, nongovernmental and exclusively scientific and cultural entity. This association is responsible for the scientific journal Nauplius, whose aim is to publish scientific articles on various aspects of the biology of crustaceans. Its area of expertise involves the result of surveys conducted in Brazil and abroad.

The list is an informal forum for those interested in Crustacea, including their biology, ecology, systematics, taxonomy, physiology, cell biology, culture, etc